Monday, July 27, 2009

FAILING is not GOING down, it's just BEING down...

SUCCESS consists of failure to failure to failure without the loss of ENTHUSIASM!!!

“I've missed more than 9000 shots in my career. I've lost almost 300 games. 26 times, I've been trusted to take the game winning shot and missed. I've failed over and over and over again in my life. And that is why I succeed.” - Micheal Jordan

Fail is a VERB not a NOUN, your name doesn't appear beside the word FAIL.

Everyone will FAIL in life, so it's not the matter of HOW you fail but WHAT you gonna do with this failure!

I hope this helps whoever is reading it! =)

God bless!

Stevenboiboi =)

Friday, July 24, 2009

It is NOT really about ME anymore...

There are definitely many thoughts running in my head now as if they will never get tired.

Well... it's really been a while... I never thought I'm gonna update this blog anymore but I guess today's gonna prove it WRONG! Let's see... where should I start?

Today is my
20th Birthday.

These past few days I've been thinking a lot.

Kinda like the flash back of my life... for these past 20 years...

I got a feeling this blog post gonna be LOOOONNGGG....

I'm really grateful for today... not because it's my Birthday... but it gives me an opportunity to really voice out how blessed and how appreciative I am to ALL my friends and family.

A couple days ago... many asked me what I am gonna do for my birthday... to be honest, I have no idea... but if the question is given to me few years back.. I would have many many plans and ideas in m
y head...

So this gets me ponder... ponder... and wonder.......

This life is really not about ME ME ME anymore. (Ok ok... I'm not trying to be Mother Teresa or Mahatma Gandhi here)

Before this, I always think birthday is really a great day... the spotlight will be on me, all my friends will wish me, get to eat the cake, birthday songs, parties, prezzies, go crazy, everyone be nice to me, it's MY day, it's ME, ME and ME! Who don't love to be loved?

But, I came to know this LOVE, the LOVE that changed me, the LOVE that totally blown me away, the LOVE that saved me, the LOVE that pick me up, the LOVE that carried me through, the LOVE that i
s so gracious that no one can ever understand... I can go on and on about this LOVE but I can't just explain it...

Hence, my whole life has changed... This LOVE started to flow FROM me TO others... I can't help but to love others around me...

The amount of friends I get, it's just unaccountable... I start to wonder again... am I getting popular here? but I realised, it's NOT me... It's Him that drawing EVERYONE to Him... Our God, that are so real and alive. and I always pray that my ego wont be fed, and that I'm always humble before Him. This is the
result when I'm devoted to Him.

See, I can NEVER understand why Christians are always so nice and kind (are they really nice? what are their motive? why they act such a way? they are just too fake... who will be that extra nice to me and who am I for them?) and ironically, I'm being one now... LOL!

In relationships, human nature will always want something from others ( what can he/she/they do for me? Can I be loved the way I always wanted to? Is this relationship benefiting me? Me me meeee..) God has just enlighten me with His thoughts for His way are not man's way... If I want to get all things right, it should start with me. Hold on, me? (
Didn't you just said it's not about me?) Yes, it's what I can do for others... What can I benefit this relationships.. How can I help others.. How can be the ONE for you?

I'm not trying to make myself sounds very noble here... really, it isn't about me anymore..

Therefore come back to the birthday and what I'm trying to say here...

Birthday is always when the spotlight is on me... but I really do hope that I will be the one blessing my friends instead.. to tell them how much I really love them.. to tell them I really cherish this friendship.. to thank God for all of them.. to just be grateful that I can be a blessing for them..

I will be the puzzle and my friends are the pieces... haha.. random.. =P

Once again, I wanna thank for whoever that remembers my birthday and remembers th
at I'm still your friend no matter what... When you read until here, I can proudly says that you are my GREAT friend! hahaha...

As for birthday wishes, I have one really simple one, is to continue bless you guys as how He has blessed me..

This post is really getting too long... I have gazillions words more but I think I should stop by now... =)

..... and Today, what can I do for you? =)


Thanks guys! =)

Yours truly,

Steven Cheam Win Datt
(your friend)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Better MAN

I DON'T want to be a BETTER man...

I think I really need a PA... who wants to be? =P The person just need to know how to manage a blog and keep reminding me to update it... HAHA(I know I know, I barely update =P).. but I got soooooo much to tell... =)

Anyone likes 'Better man' by Robbie Williams? Personally, I like the melody of the song. =)

Ok, here it goes... I was playing this song and thoughts just came into my mind. Why be a BETTER man? Many people will think that why this StevenC DON'T want to be a BETTER man? What? So means he wanna be a BAT (BAD) man?

err... Batman?

Answer is NO, neither BAT nor BAD.... but I want to be a MAN of GOD!!!

yes... that's it!

What is better anyway? Like HOW is better? Guys... what is better for you? Ladies... what do you think a BETTER man should be like?

The world demands tremendous expectation for a better person or the BEST person... Thinking of it... who is the BEST person that come across your mind right now? and why are they the BEST person? [I apologize for my many questions, but give them a go =) ]

Here are my opinions...

Everyone is born unique, even identical twins... God made each and everyone of us unique... I bet many of you all heard of this statement gazillion times... but hold on, I'm talking about better man... what am I trying to say now? Unique cant be better now? Yes, definitely you can, by being who you called to be!

I believe God wants the very best of us and I just know the ONLY way to be better... Is to walk closer with Him and to be more like Him... Many men strive to be the better man that the world demands and sadly, often they lose themselves... Why not be the one He called you to be? We are all made in the image of God and before we trying to be better or the best, we ALREADY are!

Those are the thoughts that struck me when I was playing 'Better man' with the guitar... Well, not like I will banned this song but in fact, I still love this song.. haha! ~~~ "Send someone to love me...."

To those who don't know God, I pray that you ALL will have a relationship with Him, Jesus Christ. If you think that this post is a RELIGIOUS post, you are SO WRONG! Many people think that having a religion will make a person better (isn't that why so many parents want their kids to go church, or have some religions so that they can be 'better'?). But I can tell you, those ppl still striving to be what the world thinks is better/best... Being IN a relationship with Jesus gives you so much MORE than that... you DO NOT need to strive to be the best/better because you are "fearfully and wonderfully made" and He sees you as THE BEST, His masterpiece!

Psalm 139: 14 "I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made......" (NIV)

To those Christian, how's your walk with Him? I pray that my post today will help you.. think about it... and do drop some thoughts of you in the comment box...

1 Peter 1:15-16 "But just as He who called you is holy, so be holy in all you do; for it is written: "Be holy, because I AM HOLY." (NIV)

Guys, so you want to be a better man now or man of GOD?

Ladies, who will be your CHOICE?

God bless =)

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Freshie.. Maybe not

Guess what?

I'm sooo new to this whole blog thingy... Even I have been blogging for more than a year? (Maybe not.. I mean I created this blog more than a year =P)... Like what others saying that is NoOb... O.o

I don't know how to add chat box in my blog... I don't really know how to change the layout I want for my blog (beside those offered in the template.).... I don't know how to link ppl in my blog...

All I knew is to create new post... post pictures... change font.. the size... change colours of font... leave comments... er.... what else? I guess that all =/


Any kind-hearted/generous/helpful/bored ppl here? ;-P

and yeah.. I need YOUR help!!!!! Puhleeaaaassseeee....

Much appreciated from yours truly... =)

So many things on me... I m suffocating!!! Help!!!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

1st Anniversary...

No... it's not what you think if you're thinking about the anniversary of my marriage (I don't have one yet), my relationships, any special events/day or what so ever.

and Yes! It's the 1st Anniversary of NOT-updating-my-BLOG! Who celebrate that anyway?
Well... I do.. =P

O Hello blog!

Hello bloggers!

Hello my faithful readers!

and Hello world!

Before I go on....
How many of you have ever experienced the following?:-

1. Clicking on the link to my blog over and over again to check if I'd updated

2. Ponder if I'm still alive

3. Wonder over my life?

4. Have the urge/hope/faith for me to update...

5. Don't care =/

I'm pretty sure some of you all that "happened" to read this post are those who experienced point no. 1 ( and yeah.. that's including me =P). Therefore, I would wanna grab this opportunity to give my deepest gratitude to you all. Thanks for visiting my blog, thanks for reading it, and thanks for the encouragement.

I got pretty good responses from my previous entry which is the one on 'LOVE'. and... it's still impacts many during the one year of me NOT updating... Which I felt encouraged because my post is helping some of you all out there. =)

During this one year, of course there are many ups and downs in my life. To be frank, I'm enjoy the next half of the year now. This is because weather is getting warmer and activities are popping up one by one, week by week, day by day. The funny thing is I always meet more new friends during this semester.. and a lot of happening stuff going on ever since.

The REASON I update my blog today is not just merely celebrating the 1st year anniversary but also I feel something is more than just updating ANOTHER blogs. I don't know what seasons are you in now but hey... can I assure you the brighter days are coming? Some of you might face some difficult obstacles, hopeless situations, ASSIGNMENTS due!!!, exams, affairs but ALL of those will surely come to a past my friends! Hold on there and know that there's someone out there helping you!

To be honest, always update a blog which only with happiness, joy, fun, and encouragement doesn't seems to be helpful at times. Some may even get annoyed or jealous of this someone's life that is only full of fun but not theirs. But I seriously pray that I will update a blog which will give even a lil' glimpse of hope to the hopeless. I'm human too and of course I have some stage of life where I'm down but I'll never forgets those who help me trough it and yeah... I want to help you too!

So my family, my friends, those yet-to-be friends and whoever who read this post,

remember you got a friend that's me who is doing life with you,

and yes... you're not alone!

Always believe that there're brighter and greater days ahead of you!

Life is full of surprises you may never know!

I take this 15 mins of mine just to tell you all... I'm doing well here in Sydney. and trust me, you'll be so fine too!

Well.. enough of me posting many many words... let's do some pictures! =)

In case of emergency, JUST JUMP! ;-P

Save the world! =D

Somewhere out there...

If you squints hard, there are places in the world attached at the branch beside the table.
How I wish one day I will be sitting there with the someONE to plan the journey of ours around the world.. =)

-The world is aint as ugly as u thought, you're just getting lost in the BEAUTY of it!-

Till we meet again, be blessed!!! =)

Monday, September 17, 2007


Yeah! I'm back!! HaHa... Interesting title? yeah of course... everytime I blog I will make sure it gonna be an interesting one... Since it's been a long time again that I hardly update my blog... Some of my friends even asked me to close down... but the answer is NO! Reason being is I blog not to write a 'diary' here but to leave some thoughts and ideas to ENCOURAGE ppl who need them! SO to those of you who are reading this... feel lucky =P

So here it is... Since I hardly update my blog and it seems 'dead' but actually it's still alive! It just been living SILENTLY and PEACEFULLY... =P Well... The reason I decided to blog is because something really make me move and I just feel I have to share this with you guys... Just came back from basketball and it's really feels soooo nice playing in cool weather... It's just warm my body up so I won't feel cold anymore( duhhh..) Just like LOVE..... LOVE is something that has to move... something that will make you feel WARM....

LOVE LOVE LOVE.... well there're sooo many things to talk about LOVE LOVE LOVE... Maybe some of you are in the season of LOVE and some are not... but undeniable, LOVE still happens around us... I have spend so much time building the relationship with my friends here to the point that sometimes I just don't have time for myself... But it's all worth it.... Anyway... I realised that I've been running the race very very fast and now it's the time for me to have a break.... and think of the purpose in life... 'Selah' =)

Everyone always find the answer for LOVE... even the world try to define LOVE in various ways... remember the popular song 'where is the LOVE'? HaHa... But what the world teaches us sometimes is not true... I'm one of them that have been searching for this answer quite a while... but God is reviewing more and more truth about LOVE to me... I finally come to a conclusion for myself( yeah.. myself) LOVE is God.... John 3:16 For God so LOVE the world....... It clearly shows that the reason we are here... the reason we are living... it's because He LOVE us and created us in His image! (note we are created in God's image) therefore... we learn to LOVE... because God already LOVE us before even we're born... Wow... this sounds soo 'holy' for those of you who're non-Christian hey? But I tell you what... God is unexplainable unless you 'taste' it yourself...

Come back to LOVE.... something just stir the inside of my heart up... I began to love like how God love me... that He bless me so well all this while... I was having a break from everyone I know last Saturday in Darling Harbour... it was so good but! being alone too long is not good! (you will start to think more and more nonsense) I was observing the ppl around me... What I can see in them is nothing but LOVE... there're couples around, families having fun time, friends playing around with each other.... and some lonely ppl sitting at the side of the Darling Harbour just like me... but I wasn't lonely at all... =) I think most of you all agree with me that LOVE is just so powerful that it can transform someone's life just like that... Some ppl cant live without a boyfriend/girlfriend... some ppl cant live without friends... some ppl cant live without family... Well... my point is.... LOVE is just so powerful... U agree?


Although many times I having great time with my friends, building good relationship but yet I still always cry in my heart.. Why??? Because I can do so much more for my friends but how about my family? Family is more important than friends... Friends come in and out but family ill remain the same FOREVER in my life... I can see so many of my friends' life been saved but yet my family members are far away from me... So you guys better appreciate your family! Not that I don't.. Just that not enough... =)


AT the moment, FRIENDS play an important role in my life now.... they shape my life and make me who I am.... It's good to see my friends grow with me.... Some lifes have become better which I sincerely cheer for them and some lifes have turn bad which I always cry for them in my heart.... I will always try my best to lift up my friends around me... therefore I took a break from my race and is there to support you guys... My race is not a sprint but a marathon (Thx K.Lo)... won't be complete without you guys... SO c'mon my fellow mates! Run till finish the race! Run like you gonna win the race! =)

BGR (Boy Girl Relationship)~~~

Yeah.. this's very interesting topic among the youngster and young adult... Many hearts are broken because of this... I heard a quote before that's quite impressive saying 'Don't put your lover name in the heart because heart break... but put in a ring because circle will go round and round'

Come to think of that... It's quite true! Ring means commitments!! Means marriage... Some of us are in the midst of trying out the taste of being in LOVE and that's the influences from the world we're living now... Well... Let's talk about me now(it's my blog.. means my stories!! haha) *cough cough* confession time... I have never have a girlfriend before (means there's no first love for me)... yeah.. I know I sounds inoccent.. in fact I'm... =P Honestly, sometimes I do feel desperate like every other singles on this earth do (yeah... you singles don't deny that!!) but I still never start a relationship before... Why? Not because I'm not attractive enough or I'm too coward to start one but it's because I know the consequenses... Proudly to say as a Christian now... I'm assured that there will be a woman suitable for me in the future... I've learn so much about women and I've decide to LOVE the only woman that has been given to me and to ONLY love her until the last breath of my live... Eventhough I have a lot of female friends around me but I will only LOVE ONE and the ONLY ONE... (sound romatic huh? Some of you might think: Steven is probably one of the guys that fall in love and was blind and therefore could tell all this 'romantic' nonsense) but I tell you what... I'm not in a BGR now and that's to my future potential WIFE ( noted is wife not gf) Yeah... I dare to say it out loud here and all of you readers will be my witness... That's why I have not started a relationship... because I reckon my first love gonna be my wife in the future... I don't wanna LOVE so many woman... I just wanna love the ONLY chosen ONE... Why am I telling all this things in here? To promote myself? Desperation? Finding for wife? Haha.. none of the above... Is because I wanna be a living testimony to everyone of youand to show that God has His way for us to live a successful life... I reckon all the guys should have the mindset for only one... Be a MAN! stop hearting so many innocent souls... I m tired of listening the stories around my friends about their relationship and I always pray that they will find the truth, the way and the life...

There're so many things to learn in our lives but our lives is just SHORT....

Lets think about the purpose of your life... have a break... not too long but just nice...

Lets just appreciate now for what we have in our hand...

For Christian, a verse from the bible for you guys... 1 Corinthians 16: 14 Do everything in LOVE

Because LOVE is greater than everything else...

For non-Christian, hope that you will find the truth and the purpose of your life one day... as I pray

Because God LOVE us so much... and He wants you to know Him personally....

Don't be afraid my friends... you all will never be alone as long as I'm alive.... =)

Phew... feel so released now.... all the things that come out from the deep of my heart....

Until we meet again.... Take Care and God Bless...


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

After 2 months plus.....

Hey there!!! I'm finally back huh?? hahaha... It's been really quite a long while since I last updated my blog... remembered with APOLOGIES... WELL! Seems that it happens AGAIN!!! The link to my blog is all the while in my MSN nickname but I never have the initiative to UPDATE it... how funny it is!! HAHA... Alright... I'm sorry guys!!! hopefully no more apologies next time... HOpeFulLy... yeah.. =P

Basically, just wanna tell you guys that I AM STILL A.L.I.V.E!!!! (just that this blog seems dead)

I'm not blogging anything interesting today (*AwWWwww*) but.. but.. but I will be right BACK soon!!! This is like the 'warning' post to you guys so that you guys can stay TUNE... ( how pathetic it is.... haha )

Just to show you guys the latest ME!!! on a Cruise with the beautiful Harbour Bridge of Australia behind me... Yeah.. It is BeEeAaaAauUuuTiiIiiIiFuuuulllllll....


Alright ppl... I gtg now (awwWWw) but hopefully I can make this blog more interesting next time okie??

So, do keep exciting for my next post!!! I love you guys sooo MUCH... Remember always.. You guys are AMAZING ppl to me... always.... =)

Cheers! Good day ppl!

*The major value in life is not what you GET. The major value in life is what you BECOME!*